Powering the World of Derivatives

DIVA Protocol is a universal and highly flexible smart contract-based operating system for creating and settling derivative products peer-to-peer.

DIVA Protocol powered Applications

Build financial derivative applications without connecting to traditional banking infrastructure.

Insurance Products


Derivatives with payouts linked to insurance loss events such as natural disasters, credit default, DeFi hacks, or medical claim costs.

Structured Products

Structured products

Derivatives mirroring the payoff curve of barrier reverse convertibles and other popular structured products.

Prediction Markets

Prediction markets

Derivatives with binary or linear payoffs that are linked to the outcome of sport, political or economic events.

Protocol Features

Highly customizable

Users can choose any event, a wide range of payoff profiles, any oracle and any ERC20 compliant asset as collateral.

Fully collateralized

Eliminates counter-party risk and margin calls by requiring full collateralization, giving users a safe and frictionless experience.

Built-in compliance layer

Possibility to restrict the transfer of the derivative assets to holders of a specific NFT, such as a KYC NFT token.


Derivatives are represented as ERC20 tokens and can be seamlessly integrated into any existing CEX and DEX infrastructure.

How it Works


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