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We believe that an informed and knowledgeable community is key to the long-term success of the DIVA project. We want our community members to become ambassadors that can independently and convincingly present DIVA's value proposition. That’s why we invest in the community's education by distributing a claim on the future DIVA token to those that participate in our Learn-to-Earn program. The incentivized testnet that rewards those that take the time to explore the functionality of the DIVA App, the first app built on top of DIVA Protocol, was our first step in educating the community. We are thrilled to announce a new opportunity for our community members to earn additional claims on the DIVA token by proving their knowledge.

Weekly quiz

We will be running a weekly DIVA Protocol quiz in our Discord. A dedicated #quiz channel has been created for this purpose where we ask 5 to 15 questions at random points in time during the week. Each question answered correctly by the first member of the community will receive a reward of 100 DIVA token claims. After answering the question correctly and being approved by the DIVA team, the winner is requested to submit their wallet address. When the DIVA protocol launches its mainnet, winners will be able to claim their rewards.

It’s important to highlight that winners need to have completed all the testnet tasks in order to be eligible for the reward. The completion of all testnet tasks will be a requirement for all future reward opportunities and beneficial beyond the testnet. If you are new to our community, read our testnet announcement to learn how to participate.

Quiz rules summarized

  • Only the first community member with the correct answer to a question will be rewarded with 100 DIVA Tokens.
  • To be eligible for the reward, you must have completed all the testnet tasks.
  • Team members and moderators are excluded from the competition.
  • A community member is allowed to earn rewards as many times as possible.

What is DIVA Protocol

DIVA Protocol is a unique piece of decentralized infrastructure that allows everyone to create and settle fully customizable event-driven products (also known as “derivatives”) in a permissionless way. Users can choose any public data feed as the underlying (e.g., the price of an asset or a basket of assets, the TVL locked in DeFi, Ethereum gas price, Bitcoin hash rate, etc.) and combine it with a wide range of possible payoff profiles (binary, linear, convex, or concave) to create truly unique products in DeFi.

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