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The first phase of the testnet has ended and we understand that testnet participants are eagerly waiting for the announcement of the DIVA token rewards. However, before we announce the final allocations, we first want to address the community's concern that some users might have participated with multiple accounts to increase their allocation, thereby violating the rules outlined in our original testnet announcement and diluting the rewards of single-account users.

There is evidence that the concern is justified. Some users have openly stated in our discord that they have participated with multiple accounts. Some tutorial videos produced by independent users were encouraging viewers to participate with multiple accounts. An initial analysis of the testnet data on our side also confirms that some users participated with multiple accounts.

We see it as our duty to investigate those issues and take the necessary steps to ensure a fair and equitable reward distribution. As a result, we are going to conduct an additional verification round for testnet participants. Details about the verification procedure will be disclosed at the start of the verification period.

Details that we can already share:

  • Start date: Friday, 14 October, 9pm CET
  • The verification will be open for 3 days. Tell all your friends that participated in the DIVA testnet to verify their discord accounts.
  • Only users that participated in the testnet will be required to verify their discord account.
  • Testnet participants that own an 888Whale DO NOT need to verify their accounts.
  • Users that are identified using multiple accounts during the verification process will not receive any reward. If you have used multiple accounts, make sure you verify only one account to not risk losing your reward.
  • The verification process will be simple and efficient and will not involve sharing any private information.

The DIVA token reward will be announced following the verification process. We thank you for your patience.

If you have any concerns about the planned verification process, please let us know in our discord.

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